NyonVisuals is a creative studio specialising in 3D visualisations & interactive applications for a range of clientele.

We constantly strive to deliver high end visuals which provide an excellent platform for clients to present their designs.

Always exploring new and emerging technologies, we can provide our clients with the best solutions available using the latest expertise and techniques.

CGI Visualisations

We create high quality CGI visuals of interior & exterior environments. The 3D visuals enable viewers to have a clear understanding of how your design would look in its environment.

3D visuals can be created from pre-built sketchup models, CAD plans and traditional sketches. These can be created to a range of different levels of realism. There is also the scope to create more artistically stylised visuals.

Flythrough animations

Taking the 3D visuals one step further we offer 3D flythrough animations. These take the viewers on a pre-planned journey through the 3D environment, showing the design through a range of perspectives.

Fly through animations are an excellent source of presentational media, which can really bring to life a design.

Interactive Environments

At present we offer two types of 3D environments, realtime environments and panoramic visuals.

Realtime environments allow users to navigate their way around the 3D environment in realtime at their own pace, with the option to interact and change the visual appearance of environments where necessary. This offers a wider range of freedom for the viewer over fly through animations.

Panoramic visuals are pre-rendered 360° environments that enable users to get an immersive look around the environment from a fixed viewpoint.


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